Why choose Us

One Stop Care Centre

Viyest acts as a one stop solution for you without having to coordinate with multiple contractors where miscommunication occurs often than ever. It save cost to have a single focal contractor with a full team consists of renovation contractors, plumbers, landscaping specialist, electricians and carpenters.

Honored Workmanship

Professionals under the wings of Viyest are highly skilled game players in the industry for the past 10 years and have earned positive track records with many of our clients. We too have a long standing positive relationship with our tradesmen and suppliers.


Tradesmen under the wings of Viyest share positive work attitudes particularly in the cleanliness throughout the renovation process. We make it a point to minimize nuisance caused to occupants and their daily activities as well as precautionary steps to avoid damaging other parts of the property.

Customer Driven

Viyest is a customer oriented firm, your satisfaction is our goal. Every projects initiated are customized based on the needs, expectations and budget of our clients. It is our role to deliver the project in time while meeting client’s expectation.

Rates beyond Imagination

The best deal can only be found here at Viyest Interior Design. Contact us for a quotation with total complimentary services as below:

  1. Obligation-free Quotation
  2. Consultation on Design & Cost
  3. Interior Design Services
Be wise, be ready

Be sure to gather the necessary information before committing to renovation progress with any contractors. Check us out, and let us be your guide.